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Single Fire Footbag
Fire footbag.

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Your benefits
  • Made from our Kevlar (R) wick for long life fire fun.
  • Filled with steel balls to avoid creating a shattering hazard.
  • Lots of fine-tuning in the construction of this wee masterpiece - much safer than making your own.

Footbag is a kicking game/sport which is played with various makes of balls in different countries such as Thailand, South America, Europe and just about anywhere hippies gather.
We'd call it a Hacky Sack® but that's a brand name.
This fire version is just like a "regular" footbag but with the added bonus that you can set it on fire and it survives and comes back for more.

NB This product is currently banned in Australia to anyone except a professional fire performer.
Australian customers MUST be professional performers to purchase this item.

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  • approx 2.5" diameter
  • weight 1.7 oz

Did you say fire?

Reviewer: Corey Prunier from United States
Whenever someone wants to play a bit of hack I ask
if it wouldn't be more fun to use my fire footbag.
The response is always in the form of a question,
"Did you say fire?" they all inevitably ask with a
smile. To which, of course, I respond with a smile
of my own and we usually get to work in the
nearest safe place that we can find. All that I
can say is if you play then you must at least try
this little fella out. It is a little awkward at
first as the other reviewers have mentioned, but
it really isn't bad at all, in fact we sometimes
use it as a regular footbag if we don't have one
around. Absolutely five stars!

Great fun

Reviewer: Jimmy Cushing from United States
this is great fun. best when played with two, that way when one goes out you can light the other and let the first soak.

Fire hacky sacks are amazing!

Reviewer: Helen Caudwell from United Kingdom
An excellent item. Really durable and incredibly good fun.
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