FyreDiabolo - Meteor

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FyreDiabolo - Meteor
Fire diabolo from Fyrefli.

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Your benefits
  • Strong sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • Built-in fuel reservoirs provide a longer and brighter burning flame, and importantly minimize fuel spray and fuel wastage.
  • The array of carefully positioned holes assist in locating the diabolo's spindle during your fire performance.
  • Supplied in a nylon fuel resistant bag and with a length of diabolo cord and a refuelling bottle.
  • A great buy.

Safety note: Spinning fire diabolos can roll away at speed when dropped.
Always use in a safe suitable location.
Avoid dropping on concrete to prevent denting the fire diabolo.
Recommended for experienced diabolo performers.

  • Diameter: 111mm.
  • Weight: 373g.
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Reviewer: Inga from Germany
Thank you for the great service. Its amazing to get the stuff so fast from New Zealand. The way to pay with paypal is easy and there are no problems with changing money - I can pay in euros. Thank you so much, there is no way to get stuff about learning staff in Germany!

Super Fast Service with a 'smile'!

Reviewer: Alex Cholette from United States
I love the fact that this order was wonderfully tracked and arrived ahead of schedule! Thanks for the awesome service and support! I can't wait to improve upon my poi skills and order more from you! I am a loyal customer now as there is no other 'site that can offer such service!


Reviewer: Lashadora from United States
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the speed with which I received my order. I'm in the U.S., so I expected this to take some time. It was mailed out *the next day*, and I think I got my box in about 4-5 days. I remember I actually said, "What's this?" when I saw the box, because I wasn't expecting the order yet, and I couldn't think of anything else that was coming my way! Home of Poi's website is so well laid out and easy to order from... and they were very speedy in sending me a confirmation email after I paid for my order. I cannot recommend them enough. I fully intend to order from them again! Thanks so much....
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