Fire Sword

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Fire Sword
Fire Sword

Experienced fire users only.

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Your benefits
  • All stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Polyurethane grip wooden handle with criss-cross leather for a positive grip and good thermal insulation.
  • Double-spaced tsuba (sword guard) to minimise heat transfer from the flaming 'blade' area.
  • 4 inch width of our Kevlar ® wick rolled and stitched provide a durable wick and long lasting flame.

Adding to our fire 'weapons' range with this fire sword - by popular request!
It is semi-styled after the Japanese Katana two handed sword and features a solid stainless steel core and a couple of layers of wick 'padding' to survive some gentle sword to sword contact.
Use to re-enact battles or for solo manipulation, this fire sword will be a delight to wield.

  • weight 1lb 6oz
  • length of blade 30.5 inches (770mm)
  • length of handle 8.5 inches (210mm)
  • Total length 39 inches (990mm)

HoP has Outdone itself this time!!

Reviewer: Matthew Mokrzycki from Australia
A fantastically weighted sword, one of the most fantastic fire props I've had the pleasure of using!
The Double spaced tsuba is ingenious, Handle is beautifully made and the 'blade' is extremely well made and will last a very long time!
HoP have truly come up with a marvelous prop, highly recommended to anyone with a martial arts background or anyone who wants alot of flame from a 'different' fire toy.
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