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Bonus: DVD - Art of Poi/COL2 and Pair of Ball Chain Fluffy Poi

Poi made using a gentle soft fur covered foam ball ideal for learning. The kindest Poi you can hit yourself with. Great... Continue
Poi made using a gentle soft fur covered foam ball ideal for learning.
The kindest Poi you can hit yourself with.
Great for discovering new Poi moves.
Ball chain cords are ideal for using with fire Poi heads.

This learning guide DVD features both top selling 'Art of Poi' easy step by step teaching DVD plus bonus feature 'COL2', one hour of inspirational Poi spinning.

Available languages: ENGLISH only.

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Your benefits
  • Ideal for learning new Poi moves.
  • Forgiving fluffy outer will only gently bump you when you mess up.
  • Kinkless ball chain cords allow easy untangling when things go wrong.
  • Safer stainless steel componentry for added reliability.
  • We do not use the cheaper NPS Ball Chain which can rust internally and break prematurely.
  • Easily upgrades to fire Poi.

Funky fluffy Poi set with DVD kit which includes proven tutorials on learning Poi and a bonus hour of inspirational Poi spinning.
Suitable for kids through to professional performers.

Pink and Orange colors glow under UV light.

The 34 minute Art of Poi DVD covers; Types of Poi, Adjusting, Beginner swinging, Butterfly, Weave, Thread the Needle, Mexican Wave, Corkscrew, One Each Way, One Handed Butterfly and many more...

Then you can watch 60 minutes of awesome spinners from one of our first ever published COL (Circles of Light) videos.
COL is an annual global event seeking out to share and explore the boundaries of the manipulation arts.

  • Available languages: ENGLISH only.
  • DVD is playable in all zones with a length of approximately 90 minutes.
  • Soft foam Poi heads covered with soft fluffy fabric.
  • Comfortable double or single handles to manipulate Poi with ease.
  • Heat resistant gutsy 1/8 inch stainless steel quicklinks.
  • Heat resistant kinkless size #15 stainless steel ball chain cords.
  • Bonus: easily add fire heads later.
  • Weight: 7 ounces per pair.
  • Free poi carry bag.

A Must Have before you start......

Reviewer: Daisy (~!~) from United States
I'm very happy that I ordered poi @ HOP. They were customed to fit me and I can feel the difference. The video (Art Of Poi/COL2)is a great video for drills at home or just to practice. Technic is very important and viewing the video as I practice is great. Thank you.

Clear lessons and great poi.

Reviewer: Adelina Holmes from Taiwan
The DVD is great, very straight forward lessons. It ws good for me that it is all-region as I'm watching mine in Taiwan. The poi are perfect, (I have the pink) in that they look cute, won't damage you if you hit yourself, and go with my fluffy pink rave outfits! The balls are easily detacheable, so you can put your glow balls or kevlar or whatever straight on there. Bargain.

Thank you all so much!

Reviewer: Shalanda Phillips from Canada
I ordered this, and while they took some time to get to me (I am located in Newfoundland, Canada which is a little out of the way), when they did arrive, I was in my glee. These are the single best product I have ever recieved. Awesome merchandise (I've since seen glow poi from elsewhere and the quality of the chains, handles and balls cannot compare) but not only that, the instructional video was the real key. Without good ol' Diane, I would surely be lost and definately not get as into poi as I am now. They are quickly taking over my life...good stuff.
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