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Beginner's fun

Reviewer: Jennifer Teel from United States
I recently decided to try a new hobby, and I've always wanted to learn poi. I found this site on a google search and decided to go with it. After shopping around on the other sites, this one was the most cost efficient and seemed reliable. I wasn't disappointed. Within 2 weeks of sending my order, I recieved my practice poi with a very easy to follow instructional dvd. I'm having lots of fun with this new experience, and I'm extremely happy with this site and it's products.

The World's Kindest Poi

Reviewer: Bethan Green from United Kingdom
Seriously. I've smacked myself in the eye with one of these at high speed, and not so much as a bruise. :D They're perfect for learning new moves, and for beginners in general. Highly recommended for anyone starting out, and younger users will love the bright colours and soft fluffy texture. :)

Tip: Wear Sunglasses

Reviewer: Bethan Green from United Kingdom
The rainbow version is BRIGHT - the picture doesn't do them justice. You WILL get noticed if you use these! They've stood up to being abused by a beginner, and they make even simple moves look fantastic once polished. :D
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