retractable staff

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Reviewer: Mikel Chinnery from United Kingdom
GET A CRYSTAL CASE! Makes all the difference to
weight, strength, durability - Great product.

I love my new snakes!!!

Reviewer: Lara Bauer from United States
I made my own snakes out of some kevlar rope I braided and loved them the way only a mother could but they only burned for about a minute - fast and furious. My new REAL snakes burn so long! The flames are big and beautiful. I love them! They're a great addition to my fire group's tool kit for performances!

Worth a million

Reviewer: Jefferypaul from Australia
I have bought a few staff from various places, but
never have I received an item as good as this.
The balance is perfect, and the grip is excellent.
Wicks burn really well and all up I am more than
satisfied with this product.
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