retractable staff

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Best deal on earth!

Reviewer: Jenna Wikler from United States
these socks only cost a few bucks but they're soooo fun & springy & versatile. it's really cool how the color-changing glow balls show up in them & they make it look like stripes of color spinning in the air. i tied the ends into loops to make handles for my fingers & they're very comfy. i only wish they had "magic" properties like automatically keeping perfect planes. but i can impress novices really easily with these.

All that I could ask for and then some

Reviewer: Brynn from United States
I think this product is great! When I recieved it about a week earlier then they told me to expect I was thrilled! then to my surprise all the components were made of heavy duty materials. I play hard, they work hard. is in my opinion an industry leader and I would absolutly recomend this website to my friends. as an added bonus they informed me of their referral program! so enter the code brynn and we both get a discount! how cool is that?! now if you'll excuse me I've got some light to play with!

I can honestly say this is the best fire video out there

Reviewer: Matthew Doyle from Australia
I immensely enjoyed watching this fire video. I'm
a poi spinner, and was really glad to see such a
variation in the types of toys - staff, double
staff, contact, poi, chucks, swords, hoops,
meteor... while not neglecting my fav style of
It's edited really well, has great music and has
quite interesting interviews of each performer.
Don't be put off by the first 20/30 mins or so -
it's all about Firegroove and their team which
tends to drag on with scenes of them walking
randomly around festivals and talking about their
history. It soon kicks in a higher gear when they
get to each performer and when they arrive at
Would highly recommend to anyone else.
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