retractable staff

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Worth a million

Reviewer: Jefferypaul from Australia
I have bought a few staff from various places, but
never have I received an item as good as this.
The balance is perfect, and the grip is excellent.
Wicks burn really well and all up I am more than
satisfied with this product.

Liquid Effect Holographic Tape

Reviewer: Vanessa Thornton from Australia
Made my best hoop ever with this tape. Excellent decoration for performance props :)


Reviewer: Shaun Bruno from United States
Finally! A fire resistant thread to sew those wicks and hide the screws! No more screw-burns! A MUST for fire-eaters trying to make a good eating torch! EXTREMELY satisfied! : )
(Fire eating is unsafe and should not be attempted, fire eating puts you at risk of serious health problems)
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