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Portable blacklight makes it easy

Reviewer: Jean from Australia
Excellent product! I had been hunting for a small scale blacklight for a while to assist in my design work when screen printing and painting with UV reactive paints. This makes it so much easier to ensure I have done the best job possible and that the design looks right when under a blacklight. Thank you so very much!

Complicated order sorted out very well

Reviewer: Adelina Holmes from Taiwan
Thanks to the great team at Home of Poi, I managed to get my equipment sent from New Zealand, billed to England, and delivered to my workplace in Taiwan, all in the space of a week! Now I can do my twirly thing with the folks who do TaiChi every morning :)

Clear lessons and great poi.

Reviewer: Adelina Holmes from Taiwan
The DVD is great, very straight forward lessons. It ws good for me that it is all-region as I'm watching mine in Taiwan. The poi are perfect, (I have the pink) in that they look cute, won't damage you if you hit yourself, and go with my fluffy pink rave outfits! The balls are easily detacheable, so you can put your glow balls or kevlar or whatever straight on there. Bargain.
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