meteor weave hand reverse 2 beat

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Trippy video

Reviewer: Frank Cirilo from United States
this video is realy great. but keep in mind that its not like the "col" videos. but its still very good and unique in its on lil way. theres alot of good performers and very good music. theres also some trippy camera tricks that makes it look even cooler. me and my friend, who elso dose poi, love it. im actualy thinking about learning diablo cause of this video. so if you want something cool to watch with all your friends, then you gotta get this.

Nice job HOP

Reviewer: Chrizz Rademakers from Belgium
I here's another happy customer!!
from belgium to new zealand is a looooong distance and still they managed to get my order here in less than a week.
communications were very good by the way, I'm sure i'll be back :-)))


Reviewer: John Freeman from United States
The Art of Staff is excellent from a beginners standpoint. Full detail on moves and equipment and it is kept simple enough for the novice (like myself) to fully understand. Sage Behind the Flame is a simply awesome display of not just Poi, but of Staff, flags and everything else. Sage is a fantastic performer and the behind the scenes talk is very revealing into what motivates her.
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