meteor weave hand reverse 2 beat

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Reviewer: Mike Squartsoff from United States
Used this to cover the handle of my home made
stainless tube fire staff.... even in Alaska in the
winter it keeps your hands from getting cold.. super
good choice of material from which to make grip tape
and good glue :) finish carefully on the ends with
electrical tape and your handle will look like it
was made by a pro

More then Perfect :)

Reviewer: Vinka Kirigin from Hungary
I did not know which fans to choose, with the help of Chris, I
received the best and most beautiful fan :)
This is my first fan, and without any knowledge I can spin, I think
this is because precise design. Couple years I spin poi that I also
ordered from homeofpoi and I love them…
Thank You guys … You are the best!!!


Reviewer: Ecktor Barrientos from United States
I think I literally squeed when I got these in the mail. I opened it up and was outside with them for more than an hour! The weight to them is perfect! And the tails add such a beautiful visual! I really could not be any happier with these! They are PERFECT!
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