meteor weave hand reverse 2 beat

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Quick Links

Reviewer: Tymoteusz Wikar from United States
If you are using FIRE (hehe) or LED poi I STRONGLY reccomend the quick links. They're fast and easy to use plus they don't stretch like split rings. If you are a serious spinner then upgrade to these ASAP if you haven't already done so. Happy spinning!

Great for learning way better than tennis balls

Reviewer: Kent Pearson from United States
I started off using tenis balls and string omg this is waaaayyyyy better its worth every single penny you spend on it shipping was extremly quick the ball colors are interchangeable nothing bad about it and trust me its A LOT better getting hit with these rather than tennis balls filled with liquid nail

Friendly and quick !!

Reviewer: Dominique De Ruiter from Netherlands
I phoned Home of Poi after I made my order and the one answering was nice and friendly, not troubled or anoid by my call or my (perhaps silly) questions. And within a week I recieved my order - New Zealand to the Netherlands; that is quick !!
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