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These fire fans ROCK!

Reviewer: Michelle Okolica from United States
I had never picked up a pair of fire fans in my life before I got these. They are wonderful! They are not nearly as heavy as I thought. I was able to do vertical and lateral spins the first day (but I didn't light them until I felt VERY comfortable). They can be a little intimidating the first time you light them because it is such a large arc of fire, but they are GORGEOUS!

Awesome Package TONS of batteris and they don't hurt!

Reviewer: Connroy from United States
The package was a no brainer! Blue silk-like bag to tote your new found addiction!
Since there were so many other knockoff poi sets out there I think this is the best bang for your buck when QUALITY joke!
I have the rainbow color fade version and they amaze the crowd instantly!
I really have to say I enjoy the fact that I can actually try crazy tricks because they don't hurt when they hit you.... and thats a big deal when your just getting started.

first picture of my new poi set in use:

Always quick and efficient

Reviewer: Pete from United Kingdom
HoP is the place to go for fire spinning equipment, they are always on time, and fast to arrange the order, often much better than "mainstream" internet suppliers... Get stuffed Amazon, here comes HoP!
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