meteor weave hand reverse 2 beat

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Reviewer: Bryan W. from USA
I love these juggling balls. I wouldn't change a thing about them. I had previously been juggling with the hacky sack type juggling balls and then got these and feel like I can juggle a lot more consistently. Well balance, perfectly round, good weight.. Love them!

First Poi

Reviewer: Gordon Duff from United Kingdom
Would just like to say a massive thank you. Item was delivered quickly, Very quickly considering I am in the UK. Item is in top condition, very well made and will provide me hours of fun and enjoyment.. Will be using your site each and everytime I purchase anything to do with poi etc.. Again thank you to each and every member of staff at Home Of Poi. Time for me to go and get practising, the sooner I learn the sooner i can buy some fire Poi.. Thanks again.. Peace and Love from me to you.. :)

Bizarre and beautiful

Reviewer: Jen Dorman from USA
These are absolutely stunning and easy to flow with. They're nicely lightweight and very elegant, and I love the multitude of rings. Haven't lit 'em up yet, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing what they look like on fire. Thanks for a beautiful prop!
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