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Fire hackey is great

Reviewer: Amy Whitlock from United States
100% satisfited fire hackey is soo much fun.
made very well totally love it

Handle Quality

Reviewer: Kith from United States
I prefer personally the double-loop leather handles. I've used now in my career some handles from other companies, and have a new-found respect for the HOP handles.
The stiching holding the leather together is very well done. Some other companies use just a rivet, or barely one row of stitching.
Thumbs up for safety.

Monkey Fist

Reviewer: Kith from United States
Definitely top-notch gear. I just bought a new pair of 2.5 monkey fist wicks, and only because I wanted to have another setup ready to go with them.
My original HOP monkey fist wicks are still going strong...15 months later, and I burn at least once a week. Usually multiple times on that day.
I honestly can't believe that they are still in such great serviceable condition after all this time.
High score on quality again from HOP!
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