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Pretty lights

Reviewer: Ak In Texas from United States
I love these LED glow balls. The color changes are so cool. Sometimes they are in sync, sometimes not. They are pretty soft and don't hurt too much when you hit yourself with them. They have a good weight to them. Fun in the dark.


Reviewer: Dr Charlene Mong from United States
I purchased 2 items--Pixie fire stick--for an old childhood friend that I used to twirl fire batons with in middle/high school and am now living ~1500 miles away from. Recently, I've been reunited with fire staves and thought that she may like to take a walk down memory lane with one too. I purchased 2 Pixie's to be delivered to her which she received the day before Independence Day--just about a week from purchase to receiving! How fabulous was that? You couldn't have asked or PAID (in the form of *expedited*) for better service!!! Thank you Home of Poi for making her *fireworks* a little more spectacular!

Great Instruction Video

Reviewer: Dan Schuette from United States
This is a fantastic instructional video. After watching it I am know exactly what I need to do to get my basic moves down. I created some makeshift poi until I get my actual poi in and did just fine becuase of this video!
The instructor is great at explaining the steps involved.
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