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Fantastic item at a great price!

Reviewer: Angela Lynx from Australia
I got these for a friend, and she just loves them.
They're secure: we've never had an issue of having to worry about a head coming off. The chain, connections and handgrips are secure and sturdy. Exactly want you want for your fire equipment - to be as secure and safe (with flames, safety is important) as possible. They have a great flame effect, though be aware, they do take up a fair amount of fuel. Plus, being able to choose whatever length you want - its just fantastic!
A great price for a great product.
Well done Home of Poi!

A gentle but firm teacher

Reviewer: Aurora Munyan from United States
I love them. The poi have a weight that is just right, substantial enough to feel what you are doing while light enough not to tire you out right away. They've actually toned my arms quite nicely and can support me like a gyroscope would when I bend backwards. Of course I've bashed myself plenty of times in all areas;it bops you enough to teach you to fix what went wrong but isn't hard enough bruise you. Great starters.

Glow poi!

Reviewer: Fiona from Australia
I'm so stoked about these! After a failed attempt at a different brand, i decided to go through HOP, and i don't regret it! My friends keep stealing them, they're loads of fun, quite sturdy, and they're great to practise with at night. Next stop - fire poi :)
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