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Great hack!

Reviewer: Rhonda J from United States
This has got to be one of the best sacks I have ever played with- nice weight, stalls perfect, BRIGHT colors so when it goes astray in the grass it's easy to find. Cannot see stitching at all. I hate those sacks that have openings for the inside to escape & mess up the weight & balance of your play. Would recommend this to everyone looking for a good hack sack!

Insane functions and surprising durability

Reviewer: Esther Smith from United States
I love these. There are a crazy number of functions including one which makes white with red crosses when spun.
Durability: I learned hyperloops on these ie. I cracked them together a lot and they are fine.
Batteries: They take AA's which is so convenient. They do use them pretty quickly.
Weight: Heavy like poi rather than light like flow toys. I really like the weight but they do hurt a bit when you hit yourself.


Reviewer: Tony from United States
Are you serious? who wouldn't want to have something
like this. This is one of those fire props that you
dream about, its right up there with fire whip.
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