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Marvelous control and comfort

Reviewer: Nick Tashiro from United States
I enjoyed my soft nylon handles so much that I hesitated to spring for a pair of these. Was I ever glad I did!
These are excellent, sturdy, and comfy handles that offer a slightly snugger feel than their nylon counterparts. Absolutely ideal for spinning your heavier poi with full confidence.
The swivels are a nice feature, especially for the low, low price.
I never felt 100% happy spinning my flowlights (w/ crystal cases + flowmass) until I slapped a pair of these beauties on 'em. Now they are simply extensions of my arms.
I love these things, and I bet you will too.

Most awesome fire poi heads. Ever.

Reviewer: Tide from Australia
I lit these up a few days ago, and I've only gotten around to writing the review now - the shock of how amazing the fireballs were has finally faded!
These have THE BIGGEST fireballs for any fire poi head I have ever seen! They need quite a bit of fuel and quite a bit of effort to extinguish, but it's well worth the effect!
If you're aiming for the most spectacular effect on your poi, get the 3D Death-Stars.

HoP is Awesome

Reviewer: Kopernous from United States
HoP is the best company I have ever dealt with for shipping and customer service. I think this shows a true respect for their customers. All of the products I have received (from glow and fire poi to flame dye and dvds) have been quality and what I expected, also I look forward to new products! Thanks you guys!
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