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A Step-Up From Beginner Poi

Reviewer: Delin from United States
These are definitely heavier balls compared to beginner comet poi sets. They're resilient too! I've banged my two glow balls into a bunch of things, and they hardly show a scratch. I'm very pleased with this product, along with its impressive and fun color fades. Thank you so much!


Reviewer: Chris from United States
I actually did A LOT of looking for a cheaper set of cotter pins or eye hooks and could not find a small enough quantity that beat these prices! The steel is stainless and resists corrosion from kerosene and other chemical burnings

Quick Links

Reviewer: Tymoteusz Wikar from United States
If you are using FIRE (hehe) or LED poi I STRONGLY reccomend the quick links. They're fast and easy to use plus they don't stretch like split rings. If you are a serious spinner then upgrade to these ASAP if you haven't already done so. Happy spinning!
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