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Reviewer: Thomas Csihar from Australia
God bless air freight! i ordered a set of poi and the instruction dvd and they got to me in 5 days and that included the weekend. Using a quality product has made it all the more enjoyable and the instructional dvd is worth a look at also! I heard about h.o.p through a friend and got talking to other people who said they've bought stuff off you guys and i hav'nt heard any bad comments yet. Love ya work! Tommy, Cardwell, North Queensland.


Reviewer: Marz from New Zealand
Beautifully made, top quality poi :o) They are heavier then the norm but once you get used to them the weight makes them really easy to spin - especially with pauses and direction changes!!! Great service - ordered them on thurs arvo and they arived the next morning, in time for the weekend!!! and the best part is they soak up the kero and burn for ages

HOP = Greatness

Reviewer: Baccory from Australia
Hey thanks for the great service, and your products are the best...i don't normally buy stuff online but i'm extremely happy with everything to do with HOP and definately will be a returning customer! (my g/f loved the contact juggling gear i got her from here too...thanks!)
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