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Great Method

Reviewer: Ingo Brandauer from Germany
I bought this as a gift for my wife, but watching the "Scales" with her makes my hands itch - I think I'll grab a pair of pois, too; chances seem good that with Nick's method even I could learn it ;-)

Surprised and happy

Reviewer: Lan Van Rijt from Netherlands
My son asked me to place an order with you.
At first I was not willing to do that: we, living in the Netherlands and Home of Poi being so far away in New Sealand. I could not believe that would work.
But it did!! I placed the order and within the promised 10 days the Poi was here and everything went fine. Home of Poi did their best to keep us informed all the time; they told us when the order was received, when the products were shipped, that all was a big surprise. Very good service. Both my son and myself are pleased about the way things went and will not hesitate to order again in the future. Thanks a lot!!

Quick service

Reviewer: Matthew Stevens from Canada
When Paypal didn't confirm the payment to HOP, I started to get frustrated, wondering why it was taking so long for my poi to arrive. However, I fired off a quick email, letting them know, and received a response the next day. My poi arrived in less than a week. Thanx for the quick, responsive service, guys. To anyone using PayPal to order, please email HOP if your confirmation of shippment is taking too long. They'll take care of it right away. Thanx!
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