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Colored Flame is Awesome

Reviewer: Peter Hammond from Australia
followed the instructions carefully, made a new
staff, dipped n lit up. Absolutly Amazing, so
pretty, definatly getting some more of this product,
there is not enough stars to rate this product, i
would rate it at least 20+ stars, thank you HoP for
such an awesome product :-D

Best Quality, Nicest to spin

Reviewer: Matthew Horton from United Kingdom
These are my second pair of 90mm Monkey Fists and still my favorite to spin.
The only reason I needed another pair after 3 years was that they got stolen!!
Never had to replace a part even with regular burns.
They burn bright and long, around 6-8 mins if you look after them.
I'd recommend the leather handles as spinning for this amount of time with fabric handles can really chafe with Poi as heavy as these.
Spinning regularly with these WILL build your shoulders up a fair bit.
If you were thinking about getting the 140mm Gorillas then Make sure you are competent with these first, they are a HUGE step up from anything else, even these!

I can see why you call it "Pro"

Reviewer: Jeremy from Australia
Brilliantly made staff.
Bought it as a present for my gal, now i want my
own! Took only a few days (including the weekend) to
jump the Tasman Straight. Was expecting it to take a
few days longer, now i gotta hide it till her
birthday :)
5 stars, would/am gonna buy again!
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