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Lotus fire fans

Reviewer: Nicola Henson from New Zealand
These are just beautiful!! So good in fact that I bought another pair within in the week just so that I could have mine to play with as the other set had already been hijacked by friends ...
They spin very well on the finger loop & feel really well balanced and weighted. Comfortable to stop/change direction and easy on the hand/fingers - a real smooth finish with the coating that's been used. As the sales specs say, they aren't designed for throwing and after a few drops they have become a more interesting shape at the end!...If I had taken the time to wick them first this may have helped to protect them... I was just too impatient to try!
Home of Poi you are genius and have done it again! Another outstanding product. They look and feel lush to play with.
Once again, despite a major earthquake, service and delivery was outstanding. I always recommend HOP for fire toys to all fellow spinners here. Thanks lovely HOP-pers!
Nikki Henson,
Director, Jugglers Rest Backpackers, Picton

Welcome Back My New Poifriend!

Reviewer: Scenethelight from United States
Now I know what real professional poi can do for
you..& feel like! Like an old friend who feels
familiar & comfortable, but are getting to know
again & bond with... yet all is totally smooth &
perfect to your delight! It's ALL ABOUT SWIVELS!
Now orbitals & other advanced moves are soooo easy
& smooth... like I always new how to do them, but
just found out!... if that makes sense. Lol. I
I MEAN!!! Now I know why Nick Woolsey loves'em so
much. They're perfect.

You're a fool if you don't buy these

Reviewer: El Cee from United States
They are rather large, but perfectly balanced, extremely sturdy, and
just in general an amazing product. They don't wear out, they feel
safe, and they swing so well, it's almost effortless. They weigh a bit,
but it's a nice good weight.
5 stars. Buy these, they're the best. Worth every penny.
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