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Mind officially blown!

Reviewer: Kash from United Kingdom
This DVD has completely changed the way I look at poi spinning.
I literally watched this through once, went outside for a quick spin, and it was like a door had been unlocked in my brain and suddenly new possibilities were pouring in.
Watching this and working with the exercises has changed me from a "spinning person" who learns formations and tries to link them together with an element of grace, into one who is beginning to just dance with the poi discovering new formations as I go. I have gained a much clearer understanding of planes and timing, and can confidently just spin the poi around without whacking myself in the head or getting wrapped up whenever I stray too far from my learned formations.
It is so refreshing to see poi taught in this way, and I really feel that my potential as a spinner has been unleashed leaving infinite possibilities for learning ahead of me.

Nearly too fast *g*

Reviewer: Ingo Brandauer from Germany
My goods arrived *really* fast, although they went half round the earth from NZ to Germany and were only sent with standard P&P options.
Messages, Mails and Feedback from Webshop was clear & understandable at all times.

Lightweight & Durable!

Reviewer: Jeremy Vu from United States
These LED lights are a great item to practice with, they are light in weight, very durable and the right brightness for nightime. They also come with nylon string that in my opinion are the perfect length for everyone. I LOVE THESE! <3
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