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Wicked fast...'nuff said!

Reviewer: A Noo Yawk Newbie Chick from United States

When I place an order on a Thursday night, and I receive it on the other side of the planet the following Tuesday morning, what can I say?
[Actually, what I can say is in my review of the poi flags!]
I'd give you guys six stars, if you'd let me.

Wicked sweet fans

Reviewer: Todd W from United States
When I got the fans I was pretty impressed. They were really well constructed with clean welds. Burns absolutely amazing! These fans are a solid wall of flame when lit! The other people in the fire troupe could only say, "Those are beautiful!".

Thank You.

Reviewer: John E. Muzzy Jr from United States
The service that i have recieved has been beyond what i had expected. Speedy and the quality is and dedication that your staff seem to have is quite admirable. I sincerly thank all that have put work into the site and its products! Home of poi is the only recomendation that i will make in the future. I cannot thank you enough for what you guys are doing:)
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