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For starters

Reviewer: Angela Morrelli from Korea, Republic Of
This is a great product for anyone who is learning the basics of poi. If you are anything like me you will hit yourself many, many times before you learn where to swing 'em. Luckily these fuzzy poi are soft as can be and feel like clouds resting gently on top of your head. Just kidding...they don't really feel good when they come crashing down, but they don't really hurt either. Also if you long for some glow effect, i have found that attaching a couple of glow sticks or LED's makes them even more fun to learn with. I was able to pick up a lot of tricks using these things. They aren't as scary as say; fire and beaming poi. So i was able to be more wreckless in my practice and only a month later i have improved enough to start using the beaming poi. I would highly recommend the fuzzy poi for begginers. They are the best way to get better, faster.

Nice price, fun and pretty!

Reviewer: Brian (mr Majestik) from Australia
at a very reasonable price these LED light sticks are the perfect toy to take to parties as they fit easily in pockets or handbags. as luminous as any glowstick i've found on the market, these LED sticks look excellent when swung like poi or can simply be pendants hung around the neck. unlike glowsticks the LED light sticks can be turned off when not in use and the battery can be changed by simply taking out three screws.
worth considering as a reusable alternative to glowsticks, and at basically the same price very affordable!

Praise from A Happy Man

Reviewer: Sirmichael from United States
You guys amaze me. On the very same day that I placed my last order with you, I also placed an on-line order for a couple of books from a San Francisco dealer. Now, If I wasn't the master of procrastination (i.e. lazy pig) that I am, I could have easily driven to San Francisco in a few hours. The point is that exactly one week later I was twirling my new staff(s) and poi instead of reading my new books (that still have yet to arrive). I don't know how you managed it and I quess that certain secrets must be kept, but your company should be hailed as a role model for all to admire. I love you guys and I love what you Rock!!!
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