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Love them

Reviewer: Jacoby Dooley from USA
Speaking as someone who has both pods and ninjas, I absolutely love the patterns and colors these have. No they're not as durable as pods so if you're just starting out I would recommend not getting these yet, but if you're fairly experienced then yes. Absolutely get these.

Great For Starters

Reviewer: Jonathan Olmos from USA
I am new to poi. I have borrowed friends LED poi but could never get the feel of it. Bought the sock poi and as soon as I started spinning it felt so natural. Love this item! It has definitely helped me learn new tricks that would otherwise have took me forever to learn. I recommend this product to all my friends trying to learn.


Reviewer: Bryan W. from USA
I love these juggling balls. I wouldn't change a thing about them. I had previously been juggling with the hacky sack type juggling balls and then got these and feel like I can juggle a lot more consistently. Well balance, perfectly round, good weight.. Love them!
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