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Nice fluffies

Reviewer: Foxy from United States
nice weight, great feel, and not so prone to giving me bruises, the bright pink fluffies are definatly bright and i cant wait to see them under a blacklight!
steel wire loops and nice quality swivles for connecting too! feel very safe using these fluffies!


Reviewer: Ams from Costa Rica
No body knows the support the team of Home Of Poi gave me in a special (quite bad) situation with my order...but they helped me like if they were my family, as any other website in the net would had done it..i really aprecciate that this time, i don´t know what´s best: the cuality of the products or the support this team gave me...i think 500% each one..THANK U FOR TURN THAT BAD SITUATION INTO THE BEST ONE !!!!...let´s buy everybody with this people....for sure that u will get your products in your hands on time, even to the other side of the world, like me..GRACIAS MIL HOME OF POI !!!..home of poi and home of good vibe..the same..(you should add an option for 10 stars)

Looks great! Lot's of fun and good value for money.

Reviewer: Florian from Germany
I received my light blue LED light sticks yesterday. They are really
bright and I absolutely love the colour. Although they are light I
find I can spin them pretty well. I even learned a new move today.
They are great value for money. I'm really happy and recommend
them to everyone who would like to play around with light but is to
anxious for fire. I also like to take them along since they are easy to
carry around.
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