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Reviewer: Paula Endicott from United States
Flowlights are simply fantastic. Bright, durable, forgiving, modular. Of the poisters, by the poisters, for the poisters.
I'm so happy that HOP's carrying them!

Diffused poi glory

Reviewer: Paula Endicott from United States
Not only do these cushion and add a bit of weight to the flowlights for poi, they diffuse the light to enhance the already awesome effects! Genius!

Awesome Glowy Goodness!

Reviewer: Teresa Whitmore from United States
I absolutely love the changing color fade on these! They're also a
perfect weight and have been great to twirl with. I'm a beginner and
was able to work with these quite easily and maintain my timing.
The shipping was also quick, and the price was perfect for such a
high-quality product.
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