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Great dvd to learn from

Reviewer: Dan from Australia
this is a great dvd for learnign poi.. best thing abotu it is that it does a good enough job of replacign a real life instructor for those that cant pysically attend poi classes.

after doign classes myself and then havign those classes end i have learned more from this dvd than i did from the classes !

Great in every possible way!!

Reviewer: Marc, Toronto from Canada
OK, I don't know how you got those flags so quick to me. You're at the Antipodes of Canada and yet, they got here in record time. Not to mention that the look of the colours on the Web is nothing compared to how gorgeous these flags are in real life!!! I'm used to twirling regular flags, but not poi flags, so I'm still working on that, but so far so good. I think you guys rock in terms of delivery and quality of your products!! Thanks a million!!

So hypnotic! Draws a crowd.

Reviewer: Michael W from Canada
I absolutely love the color-change on this product! If you're thinking about getting LED poi, get these rainbow ones. I've ordered "LED poi" from the internet before (not from HOP = mistake), and was severely disappointed. These poi cured all my blues! The weight and size are great to work with. Watch out, they do hurt when you hit yourself with them. A superb product offered by HOP!
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