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A great kit for a beginner!!!

Reviewer: Dani from Australia
I definately think that these are the best i have used so far. The fluffy heads dont hurt nearly as much as others i have tried, and the ball chain cords are easier to untangle that nylon, i think.
The DVD is fantastic and is really helping me to progress. Thanks guys, i will definately be shopping again with you soon!!!

Asking silly questions

Reviewer: Joy Petrol from United States
First of all, Chris Hobbs rocks.
Second, rocks.
I had nothing but total support asking about my shipment status and use of product purchased. Quick to email me back, and didn't just give some standard answer.

Thanks again for everything! I will shop here anytime I need supplies.

Gotta have the links

Reviewer: Bsd89 from United States
everyone loves quick links....atleast i hope they do...... what else would keep a burning wick tethered to your poi....twine...crazy glue.... yea couldent think of anything could ya!....Hurrah for quick links, HoP has the best on the market!
(by the way who else in thier right mind would give you a reveiw for links? i could tell you who...but i think i just did....
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