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I Love Fluff!!

Reviewer: Chirine Mallat from Canada
I own three sets now! I had a fourth one but I gave it to an adorable little kid who loved their fluffy forgiving feeling. These poi are the funnest to play with, hit yourself with, massage yourself with and be outdoors with!
Their weight is made for smooth flowing, be it beginners or advanced, they do their job just right!


Reviewer: Brandy Davis from United States
Just got my staff in today and so far I can't keep my hands off it! I love the grip and weight of this and the fact each end is individually controlled. You do need to be careful when getting it anywhere near hair since the grip is a bit sticky, but it helps, as long as you don't have long hair like I do. I'll just have to keep it pulled up when using this staff. Also would like to say HOP has THE FASTEST shipping EVER! I ordered this over easter weekend and got it today. That's THREE DAYS from New Zealand to the east coast US!

Service and generosity Impress and amaze me all the time~

Reviewer: Mel Mcbride from United Kingdom
I invisage you guys stuck behind a computer 24/7! You are always so quick to help out when I get stuck. I guess you must have your own airplane, I can't believe how quick my purchases arrive!
The no hassles returns policy, which so far I've never had to use, really gives me such assurance, I know nothing can go pair-shaped with Home of poi, and I love it!
The generosity you give your customers, is second to none, that I've heard of. You are already the most reasonable performing arts suppliers, and yet you will price match anybody, and continue to give shows you really care about the people who come here and thats' why I keep coming back, time and time again.
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