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I love them!!

Reviewer: William Fairchild from United States
They are a perfect weight for spinning and decently soft in case you do hit yourself. They are brighter than i expected and the color change flows very nicely and adds a very nice effect!! Overall im extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend these to anyone!!

Fast and great support

Reviewer: Angela Mccarthy from Australia
I must say I was amazed at how fast my items came in. After receiving an email saying they've gotten my payment, I expected that it'd be a while before I got my items. Instead, I got them A LOT faster then expected!
The speed of the service.. absolutely amazing!
The customer support was brilliant as well. Fast response online, and no waiting while on the phone. I'm sure a few companies can take a few tips from HoP! ;)
Great service. :) I'll definately be shopping here again. ^_^

Well worth it!

Reviewer: Angela Mccarthy from Australia
Got myself a box of 10, definately worth it.
They're a lot brighter then what I expected them to be, which I think is great.
The only thing is that they're rather light-weight, so I simply replaced the cords with some 4mm diameter ballchain and that worked nicely. :) You may need to be careful with them as well, putting them in a clear tube (about 2mm around the edge) will save them from being broken on impact (plus it'll give it more weight making it easier to spin ^_~) Or, you can use bubble wrap. ;)
They're rather good items. Plus, they work out the same price as glowsticks which you throw out after a while anyway! These on the other hand are re-usable. ;)
A good item, even my friends want some now. =P
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