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Very pleased

Reviewer: John Hogan from United States
I bought my first pair of these led sticks a couple of months ago and found, like anything else, that it has its pros and cons. On the possitive side, they are pretty much the same price as a glowstick and light up a lot nicer. But on the negative side, they aren't very crash resistant. I've been doing poi and glowsticks for 5 years now, I'm not the best but I'm ok at it. I hit the two led sticks together once while doing a wrap and they cracked open, I had to use clear tape to put them back together and use them the rest of the night.

Great for beginners and professionals alike!

Reviewer: Sarah Newhouse from United States
These glowing LED balls are just what every spinner needs. They look even better than I had hoped and are very bright. UNFORTUNATELY, due to my idiocy, i broke one. (i took it off the chain and but it on shoe strings b/c chains are considered weapons and they won't let you bring them into some clubs blah blah) we were spinning them and one came flying right off! we spun them so hard the laces cut right through the plastic! If you stick with thick chain link this weill never give you a problem.

Good stuff

Reviewer: Richard Hackforth-jones from United Kingdom
these glow poi are awesome fun and arrive relatively quickly. i thoroughly recommend them
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