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These guys are stunning!

Reviewer: Dan Foley from United States
so, i finally caved and bought my own set. it got tiresome always having to be with someone who had their own set of fire poi, and borrowing theirs. i scraped together some cash, and gave these suckers a try. they arrived today, and i immediately took them out for a burn. they. are. IMPRESSIVE! i had never tried cathedrals before, and wow! these produce a large, beautiful flame. the double swivels are slick, the handles are soft as ever, and i'm getting a 7 minute or so burn using white gas. my order arrived in a little over a week, which is great considering that they came from half way around the world. the chains are perfect, and they are perfectly weighted for me.
as for the dvd, i've given it a scan, and it seems awesome. i've learned most of my poi flow from nick woolsey's youtube videos, and decided that i should show support since he has tought me so much. there are a few lessons that only come on the dvd, and i would certainly recommend it! thanks HoP!

Way better than my selfmade :)

Reviewer: Ann-katrin G. from Germany
The colors of the levistick are very bright and strong. I love how they shine in the sun. The levistick is not wobbling in the air, it´s flying very well. 5* :)

Better than expected!

Reviewer: Matt Of So. Cal. from United States
I had not seen these Pro-Air poi before, but based on the
reputation of Home of Poi, I had to order them. They far
exceed my hopes, and cannot recommend them enough!
They arrived in less than 2 weeks, in time for Fire Drums,
and are awesome to spin. They feel great, and spin forever,
and ever! Did I mention how much I love Home of Poi for
all of the incredible gear? These are at the top of the list!
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