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Speedy delivery, and just as promised

Reviewer: Stephen Grechis from United States
Everything arrived in less than half the expected time, which I definitely liked. Everything was shipped in one package, unlike some other stores I've been to, which means that shipping ends up being a LOT cheaper. Nothing was missing or broken, and I've enjoyed using the new products. Thanks HoP!

Inspiring. Fun. Essential.

Reviewer: David Gale from Australia
Firstly, this DVD is worth buying simply for the "inspiration" clip at the start. Nick says on his website that it is the best fire dance he has ever caught on film, and in my opinion it may well be the best that ANYBODY has got. This clip really highlights how poi can be used powerfully and expressively, as Nick is truly a master of not just poi moves but also style, dynamics, rhythm, and timing.
As the tutorials are geared towards intermediate and advanced levels you would gain most from this DVD if you can already weave, turn, butterfly etc, although it is worthy inspiration nonetheless and the perfect compliment to "The Scales of Poi."
Also, "Adventures in Poi" is also essential for anybody wanting to teach poi because Nick has a superb teaching style and goes into immense detail on each move.
Plus, by buying this DVD you are supporting Nick and Playpoi, which is a great cause because he is a massive blessing to every poi artist and a genuine person to boot.
Buy this DVD!!!!

Best grip around!

Reviewer: Zen from United States
HoP shows their classic innovation yet again with the suede grip on these batons. This is so comfortable to spin with and never slippery or sticky like the leather grip batons I had before. Plus, the colored fabric of the grips adds visibility that makes tosses so much easier-you can actually SEE it coming back down into your hand, unlike invisible (at night) rubber or leather!
Great job as usual, HoP!
Also, it arrived 7 days before the predicted date on the shipping. Without expediting the shipping at all, it arrived in Texas from New Zealand in one week! Thanks HoP!
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