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These stiiiiiiiix

Reviewer: Corwyne Mercy from United States
Im a professional spinner and i gotta say out of all the sticks i have played with these are by far the best for the price. a little slick when first lit.but they have amazing play. and the flower-stick style they have makes contact moves much easier.
and you can change out the wicks! ive put my sticks through hell and still use them everyday almost a year later.
very impressed. very in love. perfect for pros and beginners

Happy Happy Glowoi Glowoi!

Reviewer: Scenethelight from United States
I've been wanting these for ages. I love'em.
(hint: also add a pair of colecord to your order
to change out the nylon for even more
options...cuz colecord is da bomb!) Very pretty
effect & they don't go out, or even flicker in
pain when you mess up & accidentally hit
yourself... or the family dog... The dog, however,
may flicker in immense pain, & dislike you for a
while. Lol And probably think your new poi are the
biggest bullies ever! (So try not to hit the poor
pooch when practicing with them cuz they're a bit
more weighty than cones) I love'em & they are so
easy to use & came w/2 free packs of batteries!...
which is why we love Malcolm & HoP! =) (& NO, I do
NOT advocate EVER being mean to animals on
purpose! It was a JOKE, so laugh it off! Lol) Just
illustrating how durable they are... which is rare
for glow poi & something that makes me love'em all
the more! (hint #2: turn the 2nd poi on a few
seconds after the 1st, & they will alternate color
effect for more fun in light shows!)

Lotus fire fans

Reviewer: Urszula M. from Poland
Great fire fans: not too heavy, really comfortable to hold (even for women) and dance with. They do not bend as much, as other welded fire fans do.
These are my fans for tech spinning... and I really recommend them!
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