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Truly wonderful

Reviewer: Andrew Hernadez from United States
I must say these beautiful lights made my year :)
not even flowtoys compare to these beasts. They're
extremely bright with an amazing variety of jaw
dropping modes and colors. Bravo HOP, you really out
did yourselves this time. Oh and they came 5 days
early, SCORE!

Best Poi I've used (So Far!)

Reviewer: Graham Rogers from United States
I've been spinning for almost 2 years now, but after
my first year I developed a bit of a block. I was
totally unable to do orbitals, no matter how well I
could pull off my hyperloops. With the awesome
balance, the nice swivels, and the Cole Cord
connection I was able to pull off a perfect orbital
straight after getting these poi in the mail. I
haven't event checked out their nocturnal glowing
abilities and I'm already impressed!

FireFan Cover

Reviewer: Baraka from United States
Simple design, yet excellent for covering the fire fan wicks. I've received several compliments and have been asked several times where I got the covers. In addition to protecting the wicks, they really help to decrease the amount of soot that ends up in my fire box! Easy to slip on and off.
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