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Reviewer: Heyoh from United States
Purchased the blue foxy socks as a christmas
present, and was stoked at how....BLUE they are.
Nice and springy good for air wraps and augmented
weaves. :]


Reviewer: Amanda Jones from USA
These have become my favorite set of poi. Once I made these a bit heavier they have done wonders for me. The Aurora color is so lovely and light up with black light. Plus, the tennis balls are easy to switch out with an LED ball to give an amazing hypnotizing effect with the stripes. I highly recommend these poi!

Best deal on earth!

Reviewer: Jenna Wikler from United States
these socks only cost a few bucks but they're soooo fun & springy & versatile. it's really cool how the color-changing glow balls show up in them & they make it look like stripes of color spinning in the air. i tied the ends into loops to make handles for my fingers & they're very comfy. i only wish they had "magic" properties like automatically keeping perfect planes. but i can impress novices really easily with these.
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