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So wonderful

Reviewer: Joseph Boyle from United Kingdom
I bought these as a present for some one but I think I may also get my own. They feel great to spin, everything is so much easier with these and best of all, they're SO blue - much more vibrant than the picture on the site. They have tennis ball weights so they don't hurt when they hit you and, when new, they're quite stretchy. Worth every penny!

Foxy socks

Reviewer: Theo from United Kingdom
These things are totally great. i find that alot of the more technical moves work better with these which i couldn't do with any of my other poi. isolations and airwraps are great with these and they look ace! buy them!

I'm in love!!!

Reviewer: Daphne from Greece
This is the second pair I'm bying. I have a white one and now a hot pink pair :) (and i have bought another one for my younger cousin. He's just beginning to learn :) - the madness is spreading!)
The colour is sooo intense. It looks fantastic under the sun and you can't imagine how beautiful it is under a black light!
I just love the feeling when i play with them. The motion is so smooth and harmonic. And some moves are easier like wraps and hyperloops. If I could play them with fire I would never play with anything else. + they are light and easy to carry around.
Oh and something important: it hurts less!!!
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