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Best deal on earth!

Reviewer: Jenna Wikler from United States
these socks only cost a few bucks but they're soooo fun & springy & versatile. it's really cool how the color-changing glow balls show up in them & they make it look like stripes of color spinning in the air. i tied the ends into loops to make handles for my fingers & they're very comfy. i only wish they had "magic" properties like automatically keeping perfect planes. but i can impress novices really easily with these.


Reviewer: Jason Paino from Australia
Perfect as well balanced soft durable weights in poi
or for juggling

Great combo

Reviewer: Neil Carter Jr. from United States
More controled moves due to the heavier weight of the sand poi balls. I like that alot. This is definitely the way to go for sharpening skills. Very happy with this purchase.
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