Sock Poi

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A++ Service!

Reviewer: Chase from United States
Great service, quick shipping. Everything I could ask for in an online transaction. My practice poi are amazing. Thanks!

I love foxy socks

Reviewer: Carrie Adams from United Kingdom
I managed to tie the foxy socks into double looped handles. When i spin they tighten around my fingers giving me lots of room for expression with my fingers. They have an amazing feel and I love dancing with them so much


Reviewer: Leah Lupton from United States
it took a normal amount of time for it to ship, considering im from the US, haha. anyways, i got them the day i was going to go to a party, and i was spinning and it just spins SO SMOOTHLY, wraps are just about flawless, among other things!, btw i learned like 3 new moves that night, haah, I LOVE THEM!!! am telling friends to get them!
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