Sock Poi

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The prettiest socks i've seen

Reviewer: Henning Starholm from Norway
I love these!!
I've never really understood the joys of socks untill I got these.
The tricks you can do widens dramatically..
And the leds are so pretty.
Spin'em in a completely dark room with easy psy or chill-out music.
It's an amazing feeling!

Spiffy sock poi

Reviewer: Dr Bid from United Kingdom
Really impressed with these socks. The material is really springy and they are lovely to twirl. They took a bit of getting use to as I nearly jettisoned them over a nearby wall! They glo really bright and make me look fantastic at poi. (I'm not but I'm improving!)

Feels like sunlight on your hands

Reviewer: Tyson Hayes from United Kingdom
These sock poi are a pleasure to swing. The material is so smooth and soft, and they don't hurt when they hit you. They're also really easy to make go where you want! Three or four tricks I've been struggling with on my other poi I managed first time with these. Definate great value
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