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Reviewer: Bryce Palenscar from United States
These things are amazing. The color shifts are transfixing. You don't even have to be that good to put people in awe when you spin these things. I've bashed them around one heck of a lot and they still work great! Also, they come with a pair of batteries that, after weeks of using them quite a lot every night, haven't run out or started to die. I've gotten a few of my friends to buy a pair these things just by letting them use them for a few minutes, and they were hooked.

Ball Chain fie poi

Reviewer: Sparky from United Kingdom
First pair of fire poi (bought them for my wife as a gift). Excellent performance. Long lasting burn, great size flame, really light weight and this was important as shes only little :-) The construction of the set is excellent, real quality. Thanks HOP. Another satisfied customer.

Fluffies save lives...

Reviewer: Tom S from United States
In all seriousness, these have made practicing and learning SO much more fun. Having used other solid poi and kevlar wicked, these allow much more freedom from worry while tackling new tricks. Quality pieces that I'd recommend for any skill level.
Oh, the DVD was really helpful too! Well put together.
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