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Reviewer: Janice Fraser from Canada
i had ordered a few things for my son for his twirling fun. a few things had been damaged on the way here. not only were they replaced free of charge for me, they were sent out immediately and got here safe and sound. the quickness and the excellent treatment i recieved was far beyond what i had expected. thier customer service is outstanding.
thank you so very much!!!

Fast and great support

Reviewer: Angela Mccarthy from Australia
I must say I was amazed at how fast my items came in. After receiving an email saying they've gotten my payment, I expected that it'd be a while before I got my items. Instead, I got them A LOT faster then expected!
The speed of the service.. absolutely amazing!
The customer support was brilliant as well. Fast response online, and no waiting while on the phone. I'm sure a few companies can take a few tips from HoP! ;)
Great service. :) I'll definately be shopping here again. ^_^

Quick, fast, and friendly.

Reviewer: Air`leth Aodhfin from Canada
I ordered myself a pair of pink fluffy poi, initially with some doubts on the length of time that it would take for my poi to arrive. You see, for some reason it takes longer to ship to Canada.
Well, after a fistful of days and to my delight, my poi arrived.
The service was prompt, the transaction was smooth, and the products are pristine. The courtesy follow-up check that HOP sends out after your product arrives is really nice, and Iwas happy to see that such care is taken to ensure quality of both products and service.
I will definately do some more of my Poi-related shopping from HOP in the near future. :)
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