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Oval Twist Weka fire poi thoughts.

Reviewer: Greg Larose from United States
They soak up a lot of oil to burn a long time. I am very happy with the quality of the Oval Twist Weka poi. They are a good balanced weight for me. Not to light where I'm flailing around like a chicken, but not to heavy where I couldn't control them. Balanced. I also use them to spit fire with as part of my shows, and they stayed lite while being twirled. That says a lot. I really enjoy them, and they got here 2 weeks before my show instead of a week. Which makes it even better. I had time to practice and enjoy them. Thank you.

Great for practice!

Reviewer: Nick Mclaughlin from United States
This is a very simple toy, but very helpful during practice. Especially useful for learning wraps. And combined with some battery powered glow balls, this toy is brilliant fun at clubs or just at home in the dark.

Wolf's Revenge Fire Poi

Reviewer: Kevan Bolton from United Kingdom
Great Fire Pois, arrived within stated time, very happy with service, would recommend to anyone considering buyin from this site. Thank you.
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