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Great Poi Chains!

Reviewer: Widow from United States
These never get tangled or twisted too tight and are easy to make shorter if needed. I've been using mine for a year-and-a-half and they are still holding up :) You can also switch to different kinds of poi very easily. Don't do too many arm wraps though, or you may become black and blue!

Crazy orange fluffy fur

Reviewer: Emma Nicholson from Australia
Awesome fur - exactly what i wanted. I made a crazy fluffy orange monster toy out of it. Not quite poi - but suited me fine! I've still got heaps left over too - so might be making another soft toy or bear from it. :) Easy to use site and quite good shipping.

The best service I have ever seen

Reviewer: Jana Pelclova from Czech Republic
I cant say anything else than thank you a lot HOP, you are really the best :) Keep it going !
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