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Kinda Scary

Reviewer: Andrew Gonzales from New Zealand
Pretty intense video, but necessary for new users to understand the dangers of Fire Spinning. I wish more info was given on the Pros and Cons of Spinning with Naphtha aka. White Gas/ Coleman / Fuelite / Napalm . I know HOP doesn't recommend it, but the more knowledge a spinner has the better.

Well packed, fast delivery!

Reviewer: Yo from Philippines
Nice product, not so hard upon impact on your body :D and a little bit more friendly than fire one as you can bring them in clubs :D
Well packed, fast delivery!

Excellent product

Reviewer: Andrew Brodie from Australia
These are great poi. They look good, and can pack up nice and tight so i can carry them everywhere. The only minor annoyance is with the adjusting of the lengths, which can be a bit fiddly and also makes them harder to untangle.
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