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Meteor is fun but dangerous!!

Reviewer: Thebiscuit from United Kingdom
these meteor are great fun to spin, but they are very heavy compared to fire poi so don't bother unless you're prepared to get bruised! having a good knowledge of poi and at least a basic knowledge of staff is very helpful, as the meteor combines elements of both, but is much harder than either.
These meteor are a good weight and size, but the centre of the monkeyfists are cubes of wood, and i wonder whether they should be rope all the way through. Having said that, this makes no difference to how they look.


Reviewer: Katie, Uk from United Kingdom
sock poi stretch as you spin them. but they're quite good for learning hyperloops.

Good starters

Reviewer: Naomi Hastings from United Kingdom
trying to build up courage to try fire and these are great to see how light works with dance patterns. require heavier rope and handles to work perfectly.
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