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A great splurge item

Reviewer: Svents from Canada
I picked up the orb on a whim while purchasing some
other products and I am incredibly glad I did. Of
everything I picked up it might be my favourite of
the lot. Though the design is simple it can manage a
wide variety of tricks. I initially underestimated
how versatile it would be and now can't wait to
practice with it more to figure out new things.

The Power of Lotus

Reviewer: Artemisia from Italy
I found this fans awesome. Their design is
particular and fascinating, the flames are strong
and..surprise! They're really light weighted :) I
imagined them thicker and heavier, and instead I
found really easy doing tricks with fingers,
throwing them and so on... Wonderful :)

Colecord = The best

Reviewer: Austin O'keefe from United States
This is the same title as the review i put for a single pair of colechord poi handles. Simply because it is the truth. Ive used flowchord, parachord, ropes, chains, socks, you name it. And colechord is my favorite. I bought 90 meters in my last order.
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