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These are Great

Reviewer: Blu_valley from United Kingdom
Never have I come across a set of fire poi, more destined for my fingers in my life. Theyre a perfect weight,perfect length and theyre so comfortable to swing. From small intricate movements to larg graceful ones and stalls.They are of a superb quality as they burn very well, and fantastic value for money. I would reccomend them to anyone, as besides being easy to handle, they look,sound and feel amazing,adding another dimention or two to your performance.

Excellent company

Reviewer: Bryan Czerwinski from United States
I've always used HOP and I have absolutely no reason to consider another company for any of my poi needs. The apt service department is knowledgeable of their products and receptive to their clients. I appreciate the response time to questions as well.

The prettiest socks i've seen

Reviewer: Henning Starholm from Norway
I love these!!
I've never really understood the joys of socks untill I got these.
The tricks you can do widens dramatically..
And the leds are so pretty.
Spin'em in a completely dark room with easy psy or chill-out music.
It's an amazing feeling!
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