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New way of spinning

Reviewer: Steve Riley from United Kingdom
These flags are great. Very visual and brightly coloured. However, dont expect these to feel like normal poi when you first pick them up, as they are a lot lighter, quite noicy and easy to lose momentum. Don't let that put you off though, they look amazing when you have practiced for a bit, and you can alway add more weight if needed. Home of poi, you never seaze to amaze me :)

Great glo-replacements

Reviewer: Ariel Morris from United States
These little babies glow so brightly, you can use them during all but the clearest days and still get the same effect. In the dark they function as practical flashlights! The only regrette is their frailty- the switches wear out if you flip them too much, they are prone to cracking after a few hits on a hard surface, and they change color with the battery's juice level-
but for the cost of four one-use glowsticks, a pair of these is perfect for frequent ravers. Mine have lasted four rough all-nighters so far with only minor quality loss.

First Flags

Reviewer: Leah Woolgar from Canada
I received these flags in record time. Very graceful flowing fabric, attract a great deal of attention and look fabulous under a black light. Very light in comparison to the fire poi that I'm used to spinning, but very versatile! Many thanks to the wonderful team at HoP.
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