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Love these poi!

Reviewer: Shanchan from United States
I think my title says it all. I LOVE these poi! they're a really good weight and hold fuel really well. In fact, even after trying to spin teh fuel off 4 times, the flames still startled me a bit (i haven't spun with monkey fist poi for years) and it was a really pleasant surprise.
the chains feel really strong and the swivel has really pretty motion. the handles are comfy but do need to be broken in just a bit.
i bought a pair of glow to switch out with the fire ends. to change them, I need to loosen the carabiners and then retighten them after replacing the ends. the carabiners will unswivel if they're not extremely tight, so i carry around a pair of pliers with me to tighten them in case I switch poi ends. otherwise, they're perfect.
all in all i'm really happy with this purchase.

Excellent for advanced spinners (not for beginners)

Reviewer: Christopher Schaffer from United States
These are a great pair of poi to spin if you are good at contact juggling and would like to incorporate some of those tricks into poi. Also pretty good for various throw tricks. Not only are these a great pair of practice poi, but I plan on using these for performances as well. Now if only I could find these that have LED lights in/on the balls and handles.... (HINT HINT home of poi.... haha)

Flag Poi

Reviewer: Micci Yamamoto from Northern Mariana Islands
I got nice one and so happy!
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