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Rocking practice poi

Reviewer: Joanna from United States
They are great for beginners because they are light as opposed to
heavier poi, and they are non flammable, yet colorful. I had a lot of
fun with them, and they don't hurt too bad when you hit yourself. I
am ready for something heavier and flammable, though, so I am
moving on. Yahoo!!!

Just what I was looking for!

Reviewer: Poi Novice Ian from United Kingdom
I was a bit anxious when I ordered my poi. It seemed a long way to the UK for them to travel, and some of my recent internet purchases from other sites have looked great on screen, but then been of poor quality when they arrived (plasticky/sharp edges etc. I needn't have worried, these poi are great! Smooth swing, untangle easily (yes, I'm a beginner!), glow brilliantly after UV light exposure (had one around so thought I'd try it) and surprisingly little damage to the house after hiting walls etc. If only they hadn't left a few fuzzy orange hairs behind, I wouldn't have been banished to the driveway to practice! Still, hopefully now someone else will see me practicing, and I can tell them where to buy themselves a pair!!


Reviewer: Helen Cook from Spain
I appreciate your excellent service and fast delivery of my poi parcel which arrived well in time for Christmas. The present was for my daughter who lives in England and I live in Spain - so ideal! She says she doesn't think she has a natural talent and has twonked herself on the head numerous times - however she will persevere. As she is a doctor I think she could practise on her ward rounds in between saving lives (making sure not to upskittle the drugs trolley)
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