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Made a loyal customer

Reviewer: Jessica Reynolds from United States
I must admit I haven't ordered from any other poi company before but I honestly don't think I'll ever need too! Fast shipping and awesome products keep me coming back for more. Besides I keep hearing so much about their customer service being great. I have yet to encounter a problem yet but I am confident that if I should it would be handled promptly and with my satisfaction in mind. Keep up the great work HOP and you'll have made a customer for life. :D


Reviewer: Tracy Forster from Canada
Smooth movement

My new favorite poi

Reviewer: Kim Forman from United States
I have tried many different types of poi and these are hands down my favorite to play with. I have others (like my bad ass new triple flowpoi) that I like to use when I'm entertaining others, but when I'm spinning for my own enjoyment, these are the ones I grab.
With just the right amount of stretch, they have made isolations, stalls, and even tangles and wraps much easier to grasp. I definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys spinning, especially people who are new to poi. Put tennis balls in them and you have the perfect weight and resistance.
My only complaint: they are so cool that every time I pull them out, someone takes them away from me! I need to find a secret practice location or buy a half a dozen sets.
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