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Reviewer: Sahim Choudhary from United Kingdom
Thanks for the quick delivery of my Poi, they are fab! Just ordered some sock Poi too! They felt bit easir to use! Only learnt a few moves, but gonna keep practicing! Saw a group usin Fire Poi and Staffs at a party at the weekend! Can't wait to use fire!! Woop Woop!

Meteor is fun but dangerous!!

Reviewer: Thebiscuit from United Kingdom
these meteor are great fun to spin, but they are very heavy compared to fire poi so don't bother unless you're prepared to get bruised! having a good knowledge of poi and at least a basic knowledge of staff is very helpful, as the meteor combines elements of both, but is much harder than either.
These meteor are a good weight and size, but the centre of the monkeyfists are cubes of wood, and i wonder whether they should be rope all the way through. Having said that, this makes no difference to how they look.


Reviewer: Katie, Uk from United Kingdom
sock poi stretch as you spin them. but they're quite good for learning hyperloops.
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