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Poi set

Reviewer: Deana Terry from United States
Great set of poi. Good quality and the DVD is wonderful. I love the color of the fluffy poi. So much fun and actually a pretty good work out. Thanks


Reviewer: Matthew Lareau from United States
As a beginner, I would highly recomend these. The poi themselves are very soft and light, and swing perfectly. The colors are really vibrant and cool to look at. Plus, you can barely feel it when you make contact.
The DVD was very helpful with detailed descriptions of basic and intermediate moves, and an excellent visual of them. The COL2 video that is also on the disc was amazing and is definitely an inspiration to those just starting out. The perfect set for those interested in the world of poi.

No More Black Eyes!

Reviewer: Melissa Amos from United States
This combo pack is absolutely wonderful! Versatile, nicely designed, and a great bargain! Now, I no longer have black eyes from practicing with tennis balls in stockings. Plus the colors match my belly dance costume...nice bonus:)
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