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Reviewer: Ryan, Uk from United States
Excellent service, quick delivery to UK, and durable, long lasting equipment.

Practice Poi

Reviewer: Lou from United Kingdom
These are great; After being worn-in, the leather is a soft change from the rough handles you usually get!! Chains are easy to use, solid, and flowing. The bright fluffy balls are a little harder then the bean bags, which prepares you more to upgrade you to the fire heads you can attach to these chains.
The DVD ,i find, although its a little fast in places, gives you a good kick start in Poi.


Reviewer: Danielle from United States
i was always interested in learning how to poi even though i had never done it before. when i saw this set, it presented the perfect opportunity. the poi set is colorful and durable, but also very soft for those moments when you can't seem to stop hitting yourself. and the dvd is great also. the instructional part is easy to follow, although i kind of wish that it taught a few more moves than it did. and the COL2 that is included is very, very inspirational. great merchandise, great website. THANKS HOP!!!!
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