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Pink poi/video set

Reviewer: Derek Massie from United States
i got the pink fuzzy poi and video set. they are great. the video really helps. in the three days that ive had it ive learned almost all of the first part of the "Art of Poi". the poi is a good weight for spinning and are soft where you can take a hit and keep going but being a guy it will still take you to your knees if they get you right(if you get where im coming from). I highly recommend these to anyone starting out. i really enjoy them and look forward to hours of play with them.

Mmm fluffy orangeness....

Reviewer: Cass2279 from Australia
well to begin with i thought(after i oredered my poi on wednesday) that i would get them at least the NEXT friday, but i got them on the monday! brilliant delivery speed and 5 stars for the product. These poi not only look better than the picture but they feel great! As im also only just learning poi i have hit myself many times and it is completely painless! i love these poi! also i was a bit dubious about the ball chain but it is alot stronger than i thought! i'll deffinately buy from HOP again!

First Poi Experience

Reviewer: Matthew Day-reyes from United States being from the U.S. it was a little strange getting used to the accent of Diane in the Art of Poi section of the video.....but she literally walks you through how to do each move. After practicing along with the video twice, I was doing the advanced moves. Within 5 days I had perfected each pattern that she showed me! I've also gotten some ideas of transistional moves from the hour of awesome spinning in COL2. I'm on my way! I'll be attending Nick Woolsey's poi retreat in a few days and can't wait to learn more! The practice poi are great! I love 'em. The wicks that I purchased are perfect. They're easy to interchange whenever I am ready to light up. Thank you, Home of Poi, for making my new hobby easy and enjoyable! I will be logging on to your site for all of my future poi needs. Until then....I'll keep spinning!
Poifully Yours,
Matt Day-Reyes
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