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For starters

Reviewer: Angela Morrelli from Korea, Republic Of
This is a great product for anyone who is learning the basics of poi. If you are anything like me you will hit yourself many, many times before you learn where to swing 'em. Luckily these fuzzy poi are soft as can be and feel like clouds resting gently on top of your head. Just kidding...they don't really feel good when they come crashing down, but they don't really hurt either. Also if you long for some glow effect, i have found that attaching a couple of glow sticks or LED's makes them even more fun to learn with. I was able to pick up a lot of tricks using these things. They aren't as scary as say; fire and beaming poi. So i was able to be more wreckless in my practice and only a month later i have improved enough to start using the beaming poi. I would highly recommend the fuzzy poi for begginers. They are the best way to get better, faster.

Fluffy Poi/DVD set

Reviewer: Alex B. from United States
My purple fuzzy poi are the best. I love playing around with them. The poi were bigger than I expected, but they are still a great item. They hurt about 20 times less then when you whack yourself with them....(guys, you know what I mean)...than if you're using heavier poi. The Dvd that comes with it gives a lot of the basics that you need to know and go at a pace that makes it easier to learn. I would recommend this item to everyone. Delivery only took 5 days, thank you home of poi!

Fluffies save lives...

Reviewer: Tom S from United States
In all seriousness, these have made practicing and learning SO much more fun. Having used other solid poi and kevlar wicked, these allow much more freedom from worry while tackling new tricks. Quality pieces that I'd recommend for any skill level.
Oh, the DVD was really helpful too! Well put together.
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