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The best poi in the world

Reviewer: Eirian Rogers from United Kingdom
I have been doing poi for years have tried and tested loads of them and still come back to these. They are quite simply the best. Good for kids/adults, newbies/pros, Instructing/ascapling. No matter who you are or at what level you are these will see you right. Thanks once agian Home of Poi (as my dog and cats keep getting hold of them)I am forever gratfull that you do these poi i would be lost in the worldness without them.
Eirian (Snowy)

Highly recommended!

Reviewer: from United States
Worth every penny! I thought the instructional part of the dvd was
great! Each move was broken down and well explained making
learning a breeze! The performance part of the dvd is AMAZING! I
am totally inspired by the performers and someday hope to be that

A fantastic set

Reviewer: Ewan Garratt from United Kingdom
I bought these as my starter set, and have so far found them great. The detachable tails mean you can practise easily, and then when you want to spice things up a bit, you can add the tails to add some flair and finesse to your swinging. A great all round set with pretty colours too!
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