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Happy Happy Glowoi Glowoi!

Reviewer: Scenethelight from United States
I've been wanting these for ages. I love'em.
(hint: also add a pair of colecord to your order
to change out the nylon for even more
options...cuz colecord is da bomb!) Very pretty
effect & they don't go out, or even flicker in
pain when you mess up & accidentally hit
yourself... or the family dog... The dog, however,
may flicker in immense pain, & dislike you for a
while. Lol And probably think your new poi are the
biggest bullies ever! (So try not to hit the poor
pooch when practicing with them cuz they're a bit
more weighty than cones) I love'em & they are so
easy to use & came w/2 free packs of batteries!...
which is why we love Malcolm & HoP! =) (& NO, I do
NOT advocate EVER being mean to animals on
purpose! It was a JOKE, so laugh it off! Lol) Just
illustrating how durable they are... which is rare
for glow poi & something that makes me love'em all
the more! (hint #2: turn the 2nd poi on a few
seconds after the 1st, & they will alternate color
effect for more fun in light shows!)

Jeff from Connecticut

Reviewer: Jeffrey Busch from USA
It arrived quicker than we imagined. It was the perfect gift for our ten year old son. He spent hours and hours with it, and got very good very quickly. I am 50 - and am a little slower at learning. which caused him great amusement. It has the right combination of being safe, being exciting, and has a great payoff in being able to learn tricks/skills almost right away. We watched the DVD only once -- but the DVD was pretty useful. We recommend this POI package highly.

First Poi

Reviewer: Gordon Duff from United Kingdom
Would just like to say a massive thank you. Item was delivered quickly, Very quickly considering I am in the UK. Item is in top condition, very well made and will provide me hours of fun and enjoyment.. Will be using your site each and everytime I purchase anything to do with poi etc.. Again thank you to each and every member of staff at Home Of Poi. Time for me to go and get practising, the sooner I learn the sooner i can buy some fire Poi.. Thanks again.. Peace and Love from me to you.. :)
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