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Clear lessons and great poi.

Reviewer: Adelina Holmes from Taiwan
The DVD is great, very straight forward lessons. It ws good for me that it is all-region as I'm watching mine in Taiwan. The poi are perfect, (I have the pink) in that they look cute, won't damage you if you hit yourself, and go with my fluffy pink rave outfits! The balls are easily detacheable, so you can put your glow balls or kevlar or whatever straight on there. Bargain.

Thank you all so much!

Reviewer: Shalanda Phillips from Canada
I ordered this, and while they took some time to get to me (I am located in Newfoundland, Canada which is a little out of the way), when they did arrive, I was in my glee. These are the single best product I have ever recieved. Awesome merchandise (I've since seen glow poi from elsewhere and the quality of the chains, handles and balls cannot compare) but not only that, the instructional video was the real key. Without good ol' Diane, I would surely be lost and definately not get as into poi as I am now. They are quickly taking over my life...good stuff.

Great quality and SO cute!

Reviewer: Lashadora from United States
I wanted a beginner set to learn from, and the first site to pop up when I did a google search was HOP. After browsing around a bit, I quickly realized that they were the place to order from -- I appreciated the fact that they took Paypal especially... The poi arrived *WAY* sooner than I expected, exactly as described, and they look great! I find them to be very comfortable to use, the quality is superb, and they really don't hurt when you smack yourself in the head... The cat thinks they are a toy for him, but I'm convincing him otherwise. :) They are so cute... I love them. The DVD is awesome too! I would totally order from these guys again.
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