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Super soft ^__^

Reviewer: Bailey Elzabeth from Canada
I ordered the furple fluffy poi and they arrived super fast. I payed for 2-6 week shipping and they were at my door in exactly 1 week. The poi are super good quality and the swivels work perfectly. They are also super soft. LOVE these so much!

Starter poi

Reviewer: Mary-ann Broodryk from South Africa
I only started using my poi and I have to say all the products I
bought was is of good quality and the DVD is very informative.


Reviewer: Bryan Parmenter from United States
Arrived quick, perfect condition and is the little extra weight I needed to really get used to spinning poi. Tennis Balls were fine, but this was the perfect 'graduation' present for myself, from going from simple cross overs into the realm of doing the 3 beat weave. Will definitely be making full use of these, and buying extra accessories in the future to make these perhaps my performing set when I'm good enough. The movie was in perfect condition not watched yet, but will tonight! I definitely reccommend these as they look nice, have extra weight and really start to bring home how things feel.
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