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Glow poi!

Reviewer: Fiona from Australia
I'm so stoked about these! After a failed attempt at a different brand, i decided to go through HOP, and i don't regret it! My friends keep stealing them, they're loads of fun, quite sturdy, and they're great to practise with at night. Next stop - fire poi :)

OOOO pretty!!

Reviewer: Tymoteusz Wikar from United States

I HIGHLY recomend this product as a starting poi or even as a fun addition to the advanced spinners collection inorder to WOW the night clubs or in your group of friends. They are bright but not as bright as the single color poi that are avalable as well, but the transitions in color are very cool to watch and to preform with. The poi have the consistancy of a raquet ball exept a little harder. They are very durable (I have sevral scuff marks / small cuts from various impacts and they still work wonderfully) and they sting slightly when you hit yourself... more so in other areas (Use your imagination hehe).
Overall I apsolutely LOVE this product!! I know that when you buy these poi you will not be dissapointed in the craftsmanship and they will serve you well for many years to come (If used properly) =)

So hypnotic! Draws a crowd.

Reviewer: Michael W from Canada
I absolutely love the color-change on this product! If you're thinking about getting LED poi, get these rainbow ones. I've ordered "LED poi" from the internet before (not from HOP = mistake), and was severely disappointed. These poi cured all my blues! The weight and size are great to work with. Watch out, they do hurt when you hit yourself with them. A superb product offered by HOP!
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