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Best purchase ever!!!

Reviewer: Collin Mcginness from United States
These are without a doubt the best set of poi I have ever
spun. The weight is perfect (heavier than one glowstick but
lighter than two taped together), wraps are painless, orbitals
spin for DAYS, the handles are so comfy, settings are
amazing, and not to mention the 2nd generation lights are
stupid bright!!! Every setting has a "superbright" version so
you actually get double the settings, and they are just
magical. Do yourself a favor, stop wasting money on
glowsticks, and get a pair!!!!!


Reviewer: Bakari Clayton from United States
This is by far the best led poi I have purchased.
Seven colors, 64 modes varying between color
combinations, strobe and fade effects, and
patterns all integrating those seven original
colors.Great weight, seems durable, easy two
button layout to go through all modes. These and
my flowlights produce about the same level of
brightness, and in comparison to the great
flowlight, i would say the ninja poi are far
better just because there is so many options to
chose from to switch up the way your performance
looks. I have no complaints about these, overall
they are a brilliant design

Insane functions and surprising durability

Reviewer: Esther Smith from United States
I love these. There are a crazy number of functions including one which makes white with red crosses when spun.
Durability: I learned hyperloops on these ie. I cracked them together a lot and they are fine.
Batteries: They take AA's which is so convenient. They do use them pretty quickly.
Weight: Heavy like poi rather than light like flow toys. I really like the weight but they do hurt a bit when you hit yourself.
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