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Great glow poi

Reviewer: Mark Christensen from United Kingdom
I recently bought two of these glow poi after attempting to make my own, which didnt really fulfil what I was after. These poi are really good value for money and Ive been really impressed with them, a really smooth fade between the colours and theyre really durable, theyve taken a few knocks and been fine. Overall Im really pleased and would really recommend them.

Soft glow LEDs

Reviewer: Amanda Hebert from United States
I cant say enough about these poi! They are by far and away the BEST LEDs Ive ever used! The trans from color to color is flawless and beautiful. The soft glow poi are so bright and have a wonderful weight to them for a smooth spin. Other LEDs I've used are either too heavy, too hard, or just dont look very good. These are perfect! And I got them in under a week from New Zealand to Texas! Thanks you SO much Hop!

I love them!!

Reviewer: William Fairchild from United States
They are a perfect weight for spinning and decently soft in case you do hit yourself. They are brighter than i expected and the color change flows very nicely and adds a very nice effect!! Overall im extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend these to anyone!!
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