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Lightweight & Durable!

Reviewer: Jeremy Vu from United States
These LED lights are a great item to practice with, they are light in weight, very durable and the right brightness for nightime. They also come with nylon string that in my opinion are the perfect length for everyone. I LOVE THESE! <3

Nice price, fun and pretty!

Reviewer: Brian (mr Majestik) from Australia
at a very reasonable price these LED light sticks are the perfect toy to take to parties as they fit easily in pockets or handbags. as luminous as any glowstick i've found on the market, these LED sticks look excellent when swung like poi or can simply be pendants hung around the neck. unlike glowsticks the LED light sticks can be turned off when not in use and the battery can be changed by simply taking out three screws.
worth considering as a reusable alternative to glowsticks, and at basically the same price very affordable!

The prettiest socks i've seen

Reviewer: Henning Starholm from Norway
I love these!!
I've never really understood the joys of socks untill I got these.
The tricks you can do widens dramatically..
And the leds are so pretty.
Spin'em in a completely dark room with easy psy or chill-out music.
It's an amazing feeling!
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