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Squidgy and cool colours!!

Reviewer: Barrie Pfeifer from United Kingdom
Tennis-ball-ish hardness.
Really nice colours, makes some funky lights such as seen in gadget shops look rather boring...
Shame the batteries don't last long enough to leave them illuminated in my living room!
Were meant to be a birthday prezzie, tempting to change my mind! ;o)

Exactly what I wanted!

Reviewer: Purplepoigirl from United States
Definitely soft glow color changing through rainbow poi! Even though it was "soft glow," the glow was still really bright and the colors are beautiful! Not as hard as the original LED balls, these are a bit softer so there's more room to hit yourself. Very good! Highly recommended for a fantastic light show!

Not so softglow

Reviewer: Dmx from South Africa
this softglow poi balls is so cool.
dont be mislead by the soft glow.They realy glowwww.They are far brighter than i expected
and the are way cool to practise with and atrack
lots of atention. They are good quality and exeed the expected battery live by far if fitted with some good energizers. the bad news is the batterys is expensive. the good news is the softglow led poi ball will cost you less.
More than worth it.
Happy twirling!!!!!!
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