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Better than fire!

Reviewer: Spinster from United States
when I first read the reviews for this item I was certain that they just couldnt possibly be as great as they seemed. especially for the price. In fact, I am blown away by how incredibly SICK these are! I as well as many observers of my spinning agree that these can be better than fire. change it up and add a little color. these are great.


Reviewer: Tina Wiecek from United States
Don't just buy one pair; buy two, because your friends will want to try them the second you start spinning these- but you won't want to hand yours over! Easier to deal with then real fire - no safety person needed; no fire permit needed; no stinky fuel, no messy toolkit. Just some really cool-looking, effective, magic-inspiring rainbow colors trailing around you. Don't bother researching other companies to compare costs; just buy these, even if shipping costs a few more bucks. Their "softness" will save you many a black-and-blue mark compared to other companies' rock-hard ones. Even if you only know 5 moves, these poi will make you look good! Instant happiness, even in your own [dark] living room! I put mine on to "ball chain" from local hardware store for better weight & spin-ability; so you just need to order a pair of these and a pair of finger loops; then go buy ballchain, 2 keyloops, and 4 connectors (4$US, max!). And voila! --Buy extra batteries so you never run out. Thanks HOP!

The best balls ever!

Reviewer: Barbara Kozicki from Canada
These glow balls are amazing. They are soft enough that you don't have to fear serious injury and they are intensely bright. I used them in a room that was just a little dim and still the balls could be clearly seen. I would recommend them to anyone.
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