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Multi-Colour LED poi

Reviewer: Madison Mcivor from Australia
Fantastic Service as always!!
Chris from Cust. service answered all questions & everything came in perfect condition and before the expected date!!
Being an impatient person =) I only had to wait long enough to get exicted.
Very pretty, I always make people turn the lights off after dinner so I can bust them out!
Light, don't hurt at all & altogether work the buck =D

Beginner's Review

Reviewer: Cliff Cloyd from United States
I've only recently become interested in poi and I bought a cheap set from another site thinking they would be good for "training". Well, you get what you pay for, they were little HARD plastic balls, (when you don't know what you're doing with poi, hard is BAD), that broke the first time I hit them against something. I was very unhappy with the set I got so I ordered another set and this time I decided to get a quality one. I found what I was looking for at Home of Poi.
They are soft plastic and don't hurt near as bad as the cheapies. The LEDs are bright and the cords and connectors are very solid and I've hit several things with them and they still work just fine
I received my poi a full week ahead of the expected delivery date and they worked beautifully. We were at a festival and several "poi people" used mine and they were all impressed with the quality.
If you're into poi, save yourself some time and money and order a good set like the one that I got from Home of Poi.

All that I could ask for and then some

Reviewer: Brynn from United States
I think this product is great! When I recieved it about a week earlier then they told me to expect I was thrilled! then to my surprise all the components were made of heavy duty materials. I play hard, they work hard. is in my opinion an industry leader and I would absolutly recomend this website to my friends. as an added bonus they informed me of their referral program! so enter the code brynn and we both get a discount! how cool is that?! now if you'll excuse me I've got some light to play with!
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