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Reviewer: J-sino from United States
amazing arrival time, got to California in only five days perfect for a lil dessert party i went to. spun with these all night stayed bright until the batteries died (which was awesome)I'm going to recommend these to any spinner, the ninja poi are just amazing all around.
HOP, beautiful work!

Worth every penny

Reviewer: Jacoby Dooley from USA
These are incredibly good for both practicing and performing. Added bonus is it really doesnt hurt much at all if you mess up. Great light combos in modes, though if you want more variety and don't hit things often I would recommend ninja poi.


Reviewer: Richard Maesar from USA
Just wanted to say how utterly amazing these poi are..but they are even more spectacular due to your outstanding service HOP. You have yet to disappoint me, it's always FAST service, reasonable prices, and you leave me with a reason to return to your shop. You truly know how to run a business. So congrats on being one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) places on the Internet to buy poi and other flow toys. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated :) happy spinning!!
-Rick M
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