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Reviewer: Lenny from 100
this was my first set of poi and I am so happy to say that the quality and craftsmanship Home of Poi employs is second to none. I've been approached by dozens of people at events asking where I got them. The LEDs are very bright and the settings are incredible, especially at this price point. The body is also very strong and sturdy. I've used these at three events so far (EDC, HARD and Vegas), and I can say they've held up well (although I don't abuse them...). Fantastic product and fantastic customer support.

Totally ninja

Reviewer: Duncan Greenwood from South Africa
I've tried a bunch of different LED poi, and these are the brightest I've seen. There are some really cool patterns. I almost feel like there are too many to choose from. They can take knocks. I've hit them a bunch of times now with no issues. Quite possibly the best value for money LED poi on the market. Definitely worth buying.

Truly wonderful

Reviewer: Andrew Hernadez from United States
I must say these beautiful lights made my year :)
not even flowtoys compare to these beasts. They're
extremely bright with an amazing variety of jaw
dropping modes and colors. Bravo HOP, you really out
did yourselves this time. Oh and they came 5 days
early, SCORE!
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