267 55 LED glow

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GREAT product

Reviewer: Nate T. from United States
I was really surprised about how fast I received my fancy sock poi. I would recommend this product and this company to anybody that is either advance in spinning or just beginning. It took four days for the product to go half way across the world.


Reviewer: Kyle Burt from United States
This is the first fire staff i have ever owned. It
looks amazing was well packaged and it is a blast to
mess around with really pleased. The shipping was
really fast got everything in about a week. Overall
extremely happy and excited to start learn more
Great job will defiantly buy more items from this

My favorite firepoi!

Reviewer: Paxie / Kat from Denmark
I have tried a couple of different kinds of firepoi by now, and these are without a doubt my ultimate favorite!
The size is nice, quite big and with a good effect but not too heavy or bulky for tricks and fanciness. The chain feels amazing and is super easy to work with, the handles are comfertable and the burn time is lovely long!
All in all I couldn't have wished for more of this product, I am just simply please and proud of owning them!
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