261 55 LED glow

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  • All Purchases made this month instantly go into the draw to win a USD$500 credit to your HoP account. Details

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Holy fire, Batman!

Reviewer: Jessica Miller from United States
I got these in the mail yesterday and they're FANTASTIC! The burn time is amazing, and it soaks up an unreal amount of fuel. The weight is perfect, and has allowed me to do some great inner-arm tricks. Highly recommended!

A great drum for a serious beginner to intermediate

Reviewer: Josh from Australia
A high quality natural skin which gives a wide dynamic range, should appeal to most drummers. Better than other drums I've come across in this price range - more comparable to skins on much more expensive drums.

A beautifully carved body made from what feels like a solid piece of wood - better by far than what I've found on similar priced drums - only surpassed by drums costing several times as much.

Triple ring tuning - was in tune when I got it out of the box!?, haven't had to tune it since (about a month of playing). I think this is a good sign. Many two ring drums require tightening before every session..

Easily produces clean strong bass and tone notes, ideal for beginners and intermediates like me.
Easily played, in that it produces a relatively large sound for the amount of hit - again surpassing other drums in its price range easily.
Additionally the evenly radiused edge of the drum head means you can play longer without getting sore hands.
A full warm sound with a hint of sharpness, I think the sound of it is nice
- I like that its not quite as sharp as a middle eastern drum, but a little sharper than other African drums I've played in its size - it makes it better when played on its own, but still holds its own with other drums in a drum circle.

I think this is a great drum for a serious beginner to intermediate drummer, because when playing in a group it doesn't drown out other instruments, however it can still clearly be heard - great for learning and social drumming. I wouldn't recommend it for advanced drummers, as I found it a little difficult to produce a slap note on - I think due to the size mainly.

I think with an extra couple of inches in drum head this drum would hold its own with $1000 West African imports.
As it is however, I think this drum wont disappoint and definitely represents the best value for money in its price range I've come across. I honestly believe you would have to pay more than twice as much to get a noticeably better sound from a wooden drum.

Even better than before

Reviewer: Jonas Fathy Aka Leon Ashbird from United Kingdom
2 years ago I bought one of those and they were really good.
Just now, we bought another one for our fireshows and noticed: The staff improved. Much. They weight is way better and it seems to be safer than before due to the new fixing.
5 Stars and thumbs up
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